Apostille Service (Legalisation) - Republic of Ireland Apostille Service

UK GRO Certificates provides a fast and simple service to obtain an Apostille stamp on your documents issued in Republic of Ireland.

When you present a legal document in a foreign country, it is often very difficult to determine whether the document is genuine and legal. In 1961, the process for legalising documents for use abroad was abolished and replaced by a simple certificate of authenticity, called an ‘Apostille’, under the Hague Convention. UK GRO Certificates can acquire this Certificate on your behalf for your document and return it direct to your door or to a third party.

The Apostille Certificate is a paper attachment which is fixed with glue to your supplied papers. As it is glued and embossed with the Legalisation Office Apostille seal you may wish to legalise a certified copy so that the originals remain unchanged.

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    Order Legalisation / Apostille Ireland - Despatch within 2 to 3 working days after receiving your documents.

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Within the UK there is only one official apostille certificate. There are some documents that in England and Wales look different to those issued in Scotland , Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, States of Guernsey or Republic of Ireland. For example English birth certificates, disclosure documents, criminal record checks, police letters, and court documents, may be presented in a different format. However, they are all issued with the same apostille certificate.

We can process all UK documents whether issued in Republic of Ireland or any of the UK countries and issue the apostille certificate within just a few days.

Which Republic of Ireland documents we can apostille?

We can issue the apostille certificate on almost all public and personal documents. There are very few exceptions. If your document contains an original signature, seal or stamp from a practising public organisation or official government body then we can process it.

We can legalise original documents and photocopies of certain types of document as long as they have been certified by a practising Republic of Ireland solicitor or notary officer. The following list is just a sample of the type of documents we handle.

  1. UK Educational Certificates, Diplomas, Awards, Letters, Transcripts, Reports, etc. ***
  2. Birth, marriage, death certificates
  3. Civil partnership certificates
  4. Passports – UK and International  ***
  5. Deed Polls ***
  6. UK court documents
  7. Decree Absolute and Decree Nisi papers
  8. Powers of attorney ***
  9. Last will and Testament ***
  10. Affidavits, declarations and notarial acts ***
  11. Certificates of Incorporation ***
  12. Certificates of Company Name Change ***
  13. Certificates of Good Standing ***
  14. Companies House documents ***
  15. Contracts and Agreements ***
  16. Export certificates ***
  17. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) documents and letters ***
  18. National identification Certificates (NIC) ***
  19. Association of Chief Police Officer (ACPO) certificates ***
  20. Disclosures (inc Disclosure Republic of Ireland) ***
  21. Criminal Record Checks ***
  22. Foreign language translations ***

*** - (Photocopies or original certified by a practising solicitor or notary officer from Republic of Ireland)

We can issue the apostille certificate on 99% of UK countries and Ireland documents. There are a few basic rules that apply to handling your documents but we take of everything for you.

Note: This list of documents above is by no means exhaustive, please contact us if your document is not listed here or you need further information.

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