Legalising documents at Consulates or Embassies

Documents which are being presented in a country which is not party to the Hague Convention relating to apostille's will often request further legalisation or attestation. This usually involves having an Apostille attached to the document and then carrying out further legalisation through the embassy of that country.

This can add considerable complexity to the process as all embassies have different procedures and costs. It is also advisable to ask the person or authority that you intend to present the document to what their exact requirements are,

Every embassy has its own rules and procedures for submitting documents. Our experienced team know how to correctly apply for the relevant stamp or certificate.

Many other countries request that documents are also legalised by the relevant embassy. In most cases we can assist with your embassy legalisation as well as your apostille. Please contact us by email for more information. We will need to know what documents you need legalising and which embassy you would like to issue their stamp.

Embassies we provide services for include:

  • U.A.E
  • OMAN
  • USA

*** - (Photocopies or original certified by a practising solicitor or notary officer)

Getting documents legalised is something we specialize in, this is why we start by ensuring that the documents you've submitted are in correct order before being presented to the relevant embassy. Once we have determined this we promise a quick turnaround time because we have people visiting most embassies on a daily basis. This is also the reason why we have intimate knowledge of every embassy's / consulate's requirements. That said because every embassy / consulate has their own turnaround time, the time it takes for us to get the documents to you will vary. However, we guarantee that everything is processed on an urgent basis on our end without any delay.

We can issue the apostille certificate on 99% of UK countries or Ireland documents. There are a few basic rules that apply to handling your documents but we take of everything for you.

Note: This list of documents above is by no means exhaustive, please contact us if your document is not listed here or you need further information.

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