Apostille for Death Certificate

UK GRO Certificates provides a fast and simple service to obtain an Apostille stamp on your Death Certificate registered in United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Ireland.

We can issue an apostille on Death certificates from all United Kingdom countries or Ireland. Certificates from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland are all accepted.

A Death certificate is typically a red document, but it is normal for a green copy to be issued subsequently from the GRO. We can process either red or green copies of Death certificates as long as they have been supplied by your local registry or the GRO. Please send us whichever document you want the apostille attached to.

We can issue the apostille certificate on 99% of UK countries or Ireland documents. There are a few basic rules that apply to handling your documents but we take of everything for you.

Note: This list of documents above is by no means exhaustive, please contact us if your document is not listed here or you need further information.

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